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Microwave Repairing

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Howdy! We would like to offer you a warm welcome to my website. I know the reason you’re here is because you’re looking for a microwave repairing service, so let’s get started.

No matter in which condition your microwave is, we repair microwave of all types i.e Convection, Grill and Solo of all brands in any condition at your own place, We provide Best and Reasonable Repairing Services all over Gurgaon. We're just a call or click away! Schedule your microwave repair service and call us today. We can repair all major microwave brands, even if you have purchase Abroad.

This microwave oven is a remarkable feat of Engineering. The rapid heating that makes microwaves popular is made possible by power provided from this vacuum tube. It's likely in a radio like this inevitably tiny transistors, and microchips replace clunky vacuum tubes, but it's too soon to relegate them to the museum microchips can't easily replace tubes for producing power. Heating food now a microwave contains three main components. A vacuum tube called a magnetron it generates the energy that heats food a waveguide hidden in the wall to direct that energy to the food and a chamber to hold the food and safely contain the microwave radiation.

In principle, a microwave oven heats no differently than any other type of heat transfer at a molecular level. Heat is a transfer of energy that results in increased motion of the molecules of the substance. Since we aren't quantum sized, we observe this increase in movement as a rise in temperature in a traditional oven or stove. We heat food by placing a pan on a burner or in the oven where the walls radiate heat which cooks the outside of the food. The insides cook wood heat transfers from the surface of the food to its interior in contrast energy from the magnetron penetrates into the food. Which means the whole mass of food can be cooked simultaneously.

How does it do this? Well, our food is filled with water which is positively charged at 1:00 in and negative at the other to give these molecules more energy. We expose it to electromagnetic waves that emanate from the tube by definition the waves have the electrical and magnetic fields. That change direction rapidly for this oven the direction of the areas change 2.45 billion times per second. Water will try to align with the radiations electric field. The changing field rocks the water molecules back and forth rapidly. Molecular friction from this creates heat as the motion disrupts the hydrogen bonds between neighboring water molecules.

Now you can get an idea of the wavelength of the energy emitted from the magnetron using cheese. If you can see carefully than you observe, where the cheese is completely melted in other sections. Where it's completely unheated, the ovens metal walls only reflect waves of a link that fits inside the oven. This standing wave causes hot and cold spots inside the oven. The three-dimensional pattern of ways it's difficult to predict, but the principle can be seen by looking at the waves in a single dimension. The peaks and valleys in the wave represent the most significant energy of the stream, while the nodes here correspond to the cold spots inside the chamber. If you measure the distance between melted cheese spots, you will find about two and a half inches that would be half the wavelength the distance between nodes and is pretty close to the actual wavelength of microwave radiation used.

Using that wavelength, you can estimate the microwave radiations frequency the frequency is related to the wavelength by the speed of light. I get an answer that only has a four or five percent error not unfortunate for this first measurement now the real engineering. In the microwave oven lies in creating the magnetron that generates high-powered radio waves it's honestly an amazing and revolutionary device the vacuum tube is inside here these are cooling fins thin pieces of metal that dissipate the heat. As the magnetron operates the essential parts are these two magnets and the vacuum tube. Apply a large voltage across both the inner filament and the circular copper.

Outside this voltage boils electrons off the center filament and they fly toward the circular copper section. The thread is made from tungsten and thorium tungsten because it can withstand high temperatures and thorium because it's a good source of electrons the magnets Bend. These electrons that they swing back toward the center filament. We adjust the magnetic strength so that the now orbiting electrons just rush past the opening of these cavities like blowing over a half-filled pop bottle to make it whistle this creates an oscillating wave. The microwave radiation that food it's just astonishing that these cavities can be produced with high-precision low-cost and incredibly high reliability.

Microwave Ovens Safety: Do's & Don'ts

safety do's and don'ts in this article we will tell you about the safety precautions to be taken.

Never cut the power cord to use local adapters. Never use extension bolts to operate the microwave oven.

Don't use metal utensils in micro mode.

Don't use plastic utensils in grill or convection mode can use microwaves safe glass utensils in all the modes. Never use aluminum foil in micro mode.

Don't cover the top of the microwave oven with cloth denial sheet polythene etc. during operation don't put anything on the top of the microwave oven

don't open the cover or cabinet of the microwave oven by yourself it is the high-voltage product, and you may get the electric shock.

Don't use the product for other than cooking for example drying of clothes newspaper etc. as it may catch fire.

Don't heat or cook the food having heart charts bottles with the lid closed sealed containers etc. as they may explode.

Don't install the product near the water source. Splashing of water into the microwave may cause electric shock. Proper ventilation required to disperse the heat generated inside during cooking.

Before cooking, please check there should not be any food or cloth or any other particle in between door and cavity. As it may burn.

Wear gloves to take out the cooked fruit or accessory. After preparing for it will be very hot.

Never eat food immediately after cooking in the microwave oven allow some standing time.

Liquids heated in the microphone should not be consumed directly after taking out from a microwave oven. Stir them with the spoon before use.

Do not boil X in the microwave oven as the eggs may explode you.

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